Every person is unique!


Therefore, my team and I make it a point to not just consider our patients’ teeth or jaws, but also their entire medical history, special personal traits, their current life situation and any other aspects that seem important.

I call this a holistic approach on a sound scientific basis.


When the time is right for a certain treatment, we start out by conducting an extensive examination and evaluating the results. In a second step, we put together an individual plan reflecting the patient’s requirements. Here, we also include special requests by the patient, like the colour of their braces.

In the case of minors, this plan will be discussed and agreed upon with both the patient as well as the parents before starting any treatment.

During the entire examination and treatment process, our highest priority is the patient’s well-being, as well as the use of modern technology.

As an example, we strive for a painless procedure when fitting fixed braces.

It is our goal to make your time in our practice as comfortable as possible. We aim for short waiting periods and a warm interaction between our staff, our patients and their parents.

We want all our patients to feel welcome; children / teenagers (and their parents) and adult patients alike!