Special Cases

Special Cases

Cleft Lip / Cleft Palate

Drawing from my background and experience in general medicine, we also offer support for patients with a cleft lip or cleft palate as part of our comprehensive treatment concept.

Special Cases

Dysgnathic Surgery

Severe skeletal deformities (like prognathism) require not only surgical correction of the jaw, but also orthodontic treatment. In close cooperation with partnering dental surgeons, we prepare our patients for these interventions. Based on long years of experience, we conduct follow-up support and fine correction of the results.

Special CasesBionator Therapy

The Bionator, just like the Aktivator, is a functional orthodontic device that can be used for the treatment of specific jaw misalignments. When their use is indicated, several goals can be accomplished all at once, supported by other customized treatment methods, which provide additional results.

Special CasesInvisalign® Therapy

Transparent plastic braces have broadened the spectrum of orthodontic devices by adding a cosmetically appealing treatment option. These braces can be used for certain conditions. In conversation with the patient, we determine the boundaries of this treatment option. Our practice is certified for Invisalign® and has broad experience with several suppliers.

Special Cases

Tooth-coloured brackets

Treatments with fixed appliances can be made cosmetically more appealing by using tooth coloured braces. Our practice provides different systems of tooth-coloured braces and orthodontic wires, as well as self-ligating braces, which do not require more easily discolouring rubber bands.

Special Cases

Snoring Therapy

Some types of snoring can be treated successfully with orthodontic devices. Affected patients can make an appointment at the reception for a consultation. A referral from your ENT specialist or dentist is not necessary.

Special CasesRetainer

When the orthodontic treatment is over, we recommend stabilizing the result by fixating an orthodontic wire to the back of your incisors. The wire is hidden, comfortable and can remain there for many years.